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location: Prescott, AZ
label: limekiln records
agent Rob
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Birds of India was conceived in 2001 by Jason Ei (guitar/vocals) and Kevin Lee (drums). Both had played with an incestuous DIY community of musicians from Northeast PA for 8 years, being in numerous bands with numerous people time and time again. Getting older, they felt that they had rehashed all the popular musical stylings of youth enough. It was a feeling that gave them a whole new approach that they quickly fell in love with. The new material synthesized very quickly and easily, as if out of thin air. Birds of India flew off to Prescott, AZ in early 2002 with a heap of material and plans to start a full band. After going through a bunch of players, they found a permanent line-up. They called guitarist Tim O’Malley from back home in PA, and acquired Mark Scharrer, the only AZ native, on bass. The music they make is a stripped down model of guitar rock and roll. All old Fender tube amps, no effects or distortion, everything turned way up, and Kevin banging the heck out of a set of old Slingerlands. The singing brings out melody of the tightly structured but loosely played abstract guitar work. Jason Ei sings about anything from socio/political viewpoints, to experience with personal struggles and relationships and friends. The band played shows all over AZ on a locally recorded demo, signed with Limekiln Records out of Philly, and recently recorded an EP for them with esteemed Producer Bob Hoag of Flying Blanket Studios They are touring the whole US to support it. The Southern leg will be with Up Up Down Down They also plan to go back out in February 2004 and then upon return finish writing and recording for a full length release.