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location: Berkeley, CA
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Over the course of their 5 lps and 1 ep, the band dora flood has produced some of the most notable shoegazing dream-pop to come out of the United States. Their brand new effort, We Live Now, is perhaps the acclaimed San Francisco group’s heaviest sounding release to date with nods to late 60’s and 70’s interstellar boogie rock spliced into the heady mix. With praise coming from discerning music magazines like Big Takeover, Skyscraper, Losing Today and Ptolemaic Terrascope, it is no wonder that audiences leave their shows feeling that they witnessed something of a secret, psychedelic phenomenon. These live close encounters, as well as their classic studio work, leave listeners with bold memories of pounding grooves, lush orchestration, and melodies so timeless that they take up residence in the heads of those fortunate enough to cross their path.

Michael Padilla- Vocals/Guitars
Stephen Cavoretto- Keyboards/Trumpet/Backing vocals
Jaakko Vilpponen- Drums/Percussion
Ville Vilpponen- Guitars
Aaron Robberson- Bass

1301 ep (1995)
Walk a Light-year Mile (1999)
Lost on Earth (2000)
Welcome (2002)
Highlands (2004)
We Live Now (release date Feb 20th 2007)