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location: Melbourne, Australia
label: Kiddie Punk
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The Time Of The Assassins are an experimental punk band from Melbourne, Australia formed in January 2006 by singer / songwriter Carisa Mellado (bass, vocals) and artist / filmmaker Aspen Michael Taylor. Since then, the band have become known for their genre-transgressing, hypnotic and cathartic live shows. They released their debut LP, 'Awake In Slumberland' in January 2008. Recorded in at Electrical Audio by Steve Albini, the result is a work of beauty, honesty and ferocity. Combining the band’s penchant for slow, repetitive trance music, with apocalyptic post-punk, as well as more experimental numbers, 'Awake In Slumberland' presents a landscape populated by ghosts and mythology, where themes of mortality, intoxication, madness and electricity culminate into an overall dark beauty that permeates every note, building slowly to a frenzied climax and then releasing, leaving the listener in an altered, almost disorientated state.

The Time Of The Assassins will be playing their first-ever US shows on a 6-week tour beginning late April 2008.