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location: el paso, TX
label: dead letter records
press: If every song of theirs was a pearl, that original grain of sand at the center of everything, work... more.
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The Conversation is: Jared Putnam - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard Since 1993, El Paso, TX artist, Jared Putnam has been writing, recording and touring for several different bands. He started his career in the hard rock band Mojo at the age of 15. The band built a substantial following in the Southwest, but Putnam was set on writing and singing his own material. In 1999, Jared formed the band Level. Soon after forming, they released a demo tape that became an underground sensation, routinely selling out shows around El Paso. Their CD release, "The Story Of A Boy," caught the eye of a local indie label, Shade Records. In 1999 Shade Records released Level's new self-titled record. In April of 2001, former Hollywood Records A&R rep Scott Liken helped produce a new demo, recording "Gift of Silence," "In The Middle," and "Green." The three songs were recorded at Maddog Studios and mixed at Track Record Studios. The tracks were engineered by Bryan Carlstrom (Alice In Chains, Social Distortion, Offspring), mastered by Mike Major (At the Drive In, Sparta) and produced by Marshall Altman (Diffuser, Frankie Machine). In January of 2002, the band changed its name to The Conversation and began touring the Western United States, establishing a reputation as an amazing live band. In November the band signed to Dead Letter Records out of St. Paul, MN, and released "Last In Line," a collection of 8 new songs (combined with the Altman tracks). The band has received radio play on dozens of indie and mainstream stations including spins in Phoenix, L.A. and 99X in Atlanta. In March 2003, the band regenerated into a solo project for Putnam. This gave him the opportunity to further showcase his songwriting abilities and to appeal to a wider audience. Jared continues to tour at least 9 months out of the year under the name of The Conversation.