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location: austin, TX
press: "There are whorls, and simple ranging guitar parts to exploding emotional rock opus areas, this neve... more.
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Whitman, a name tied strongly to history, was made famous by a poet and a pioneer and made notorious by a killer. Like those that carried the name before them, this band of four seeks to leave their resounding mark. Conceived and brought to term in Austin, Texas, Whitman has joined in the movement to bring back sincere and enduring inspiration to the heart of popular music. Casting fleeting fads aside, Whitman draws on true emotion and influences from an earlier, more intimate form of rock. Their songs serve as rousing new anthems for a generation eager for change. Like the great Walt Whitman, these musicians have developed their sound into a form of melodic poetry. Each song evokes untold stories and unseen images in the mind of the listener. The four have worked to establish the perfect blend of progressive soundscapes and loud, biting rock and roll. A mix of melancholy lyrics, soulful howls, harmonizing guitars, ever-shifting back beats and haunting electric keys binds Whitman tightly together. To see them live is to witness solid energy sewn together by eerie threads of subtle nuance.