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location: boston, MA
label: espo records
press: Northeast Performer September 2002 Not only has The Lot Six managed to produce two albums within ... more.
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Espo Records is proud to announce the release of Animals, the second full-length album by The Lot Six. The official street date for Animals is October 8, 2002. Animals was recorded at Big Sound studio in Portland in July 2001 with engineer Jon Lammi. Animals is the follow-up to Gwylo, a companion album recorded during the same sessions. Gwylo was released in June 2002. This album, like Gwylo, was produced by the band itself. Animals is the sound of a band on a mission. The Lot Six set out to marry melody and mayhem in a tightly wound combination of angular guitar lines, a fluid rhythm section, and the dynamic vocals of singer Dave Vicini (who listeners may recognize from his previous band Boxer (Vagrant Records). The Lot Six will be on tour throughout the U.S. in October and November. The Lot Six formed in the summer of 1999 in Boston, MA and played their first show in January 2000. Known for their wild, unpredictable shows and songs that can't be pigeonholed, the band began to catch the attention of people looking for new sounds in a stagnant rock climate. In January 2001, Espo Records released a debut 7", followed by the release of The Code Mode EP in March 2001. The 7" and the EP were both well-received. The remainder of 2001 was spent supporting the EP with a the band’s first bit of touring on the East Coast and out to the Mid West before their van ("Brody") was retired. For late Spring 2002, the Lot Six did a tour which included playing the MAC-ROCK festival in Harrisonburg, VA and continued through the summer racking up the miles in their new van. They have been featured on a WFNX radio network compilation, Local Reaction, with a shorter, unreleased version of "My Son (Don't Cut Your Hair)," dropped an alternate version of “Styler/Stylee” from Gwylo on the All About Records compilation Reflections of Things To Come, and are currently featured with “Freezin’ Scene” from Animals on the Obey Giant compilation by artist Shepard Fairey with the Hives, Modest Mouse, and more.