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press: Apollo Quartet presents diversity in its songs that their genre tends to not have. The melodies and ... more.
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As more indie rock acts enter the mainstream, those that carve new paths stylistically have become a rare commodity. Apollo Quartet has continued to cultivate their own sound since inception, and stands apart as a result of their dedication to originality. With a full-length debut, The Eleventh Hour, produced by renowned indie legend J Robbins and four years of highly electric live shows under their belt, Apollo Quartet is poised to excel on a national scale.

The group formed in the summer of 2002, but its musical roots run deep. Singer/guitarist Wes Jones and drummer Chris Marine began writing and performing at the very young age of 13. Their understanding of one another contributes greatly to the maturity of Apollo Quartet’s musical approach. Bassist Josh Jenkins joined Jones and Marine before guitarist Sam Marine provided the final piece. The combination of each of their personal musical experiences has produced a distinctive sonic quality.

Apollo Quartet’s blend of haunting melodies, harmonically dynamic guitars, and a somewhat angular approach can be attributed to influences such as Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbox, and Shiner. Currently, Apollo Quartet is playing shows constantly. A new album is in the works, which will be completed by summer of 2006. This will be followed by a tour of the east coast and midwest. Updated show listings, music, reviews, merchandise, and all other info can be found at