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press: "Slackjaw may be one of indie rock's better kept secrets. It's latest, Buoyancy Vs. Gravity, releas... more.
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Back on the road with a new album, “A Tourist In The Land Of The Living”, slackjaw now includes: Robert Bartleson (bass), Joey Prude (guitar & vocals), Jon Garcia (guitar & vocals) & Andrew Jensen (drums). Slackjaw’s music has always been hard to pigeon hole. The individual musician’s influences are dangerously divergent. However, if you were to go searching for its sources, there may be some minor, unmarked intersection somewhere along the path that runs between “disintegration” and “gentlemen” that might get you pretty close to the dark & dreamy textures that make up Slackjaw’s music. Slackjaw has a very long history – 12 years, 5 albums, 300+ shows played around the continental United States and many formations ranging from a 3 piece band to a 5 piece band. In the early days Slackjaw graced the stage with such acts as Sunny Day Real Estate, Beck, Pond, A Minor Forest, No Knife, Keroscene 454, The Posies, Thirty Ought Six and Skiploader. In the later years Slackjaw played with such acts as Pop Unknown, Mates of State, Season to Risk, The Drop Science, Pedro the Lion and The Faint. Slackjaw has been reviewed in Billboard, Magnet, The Rocket, Pitchfork & Punk Planet – and had a generous amount of college radio play for all of their albums. On tour they have played venues ranging from the most extravagant club to the dingiest basement. Keep an eye out for them in the future….