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press: Thursday, 2/10 The Stranger COME DOWN HEAVEN, HEIST AT HAND, THINK AIRBAG (Fun House) Portland d... more.
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Jacksonville, Fl - Summer 1995. Sean and Rayburn form the Rayburns. Eventually, the Rayburns become the band King of Spain. King of Spain enjoyed moderate success touring the east coast and played with bands like Poster Children, The Grifters, Idaho, and Home. Rayburn left King of Spain and moved to Portland. King of Spain soon followed Ray to Oregon, but King of Spain eventually fell in Battle... Portland, OR - winter 2004 The dust settles and Think Airbag materializes, a collection of ideas who's time has come. Sean and Rayburn decide to play music again, with 5 years worth of new influences that include: The Flaming Lips, Beck, Radiohead, Spiritualized, and The Postal Service. This group of musical styles fused together creates a unique sound something like: Indie-Space-Tronica - A blend of Electronic rhythms paired with Indie-Rock guitar sounds and spaced out vocals mixed together for the newest, most original sound possible.