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location: portland, OR
press: "Think the Pixies meet early 10,000 Maniacs and Yes, with some Fugazi and Beat Happening thrown in f... more.
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The members of Junior Private Detective originally met in January of 2002 in a quaint factory town that smelled of burnt plastic called Chillicothe, Ohio They were attending an audio recording school where they were encouraged to make music to be recorded by other students. Bo Fickel (guitar), Emilie Strange (vocals/keyboards), Jason Lymangrover (bass), and Marcella Simon (drums) met together in a rehearsal space and wrote four songs in three practices. They then recorded their first EP, Permagrin Mugshot, in one of the school’s studios. Their efficiency and ability to make music together made it obvious that there was a special chemistry between the foursome. From their respective hometowns of Boise, Ann Arbor, and Columbus, they made plans to move together and continue the JPD legacy. Months later, they headed west to Portland, Oregon and moved into a house together. They continued playing together, working on their unique style that combined various Emo, Post-punk, New Wave, Prog, and Indie genres. However, they liked to think of their new sound as merely art-rock. Since then JPD has recorded their full length album “Square” at Jackpot Recording Studio, played shows all over Portland, toured throughout the Northwest and Midwest, and played the NW Music Fest.