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location: santa cruz, CA
label: porterhouse records
press: This has some punch to it. And more importantly, it is punch without the obligatory "okay now we ar... more.
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How do you follow up over ten years as the guitar player for one of California's premier punk rock bands “Good Riddance”? You sold a ton of records, toured the world and have influenced countless young bands but still feel like there is more to be had. You pick up and start from the ground floor once again. This is what Luke Pabich has done. Deciding it was time to make a musical and artistic statement that came directly from his heart, he penned a complete full-length album and began to build a band around his voice and vision. No compromises…hard driving…melodic…powerful. OUTLIE is the culmination of this vision. With a guitar driven sound that walks the line between modern punk and metal, melodies that haunt, and lyrics that call to your soul and sense of self-respect, their debut release "Companions to Devils and Saints" will captivate and encompass the listener. Building a rhythm section that was up to the task of translating these songs seemed daunting. First to be recruited was bassist Jesse Darling, formerly of the Lonely Kings. After a year of collaboration, Luke and Jesse enlisted the drumming talent of Sean Sellers (Kidney Thieves, ex-Downset and Luke's former band-mate in Good Riddance). With "Companions to Devils and Saint's" in the can, the band went to their friend, A-list producer and mixer Ryan Greene (N.O.F.X.), and asked him to "sprinkle a little fairy dust on the bastard". The results were far beyond expectations! Poised to support the release with national and international touring, OUTLIE is not considered a side project but a full time rock band that plans to build and grow in the years to come. Long time Good Riddance followers will automatically recognize the integrity and power they have associated with their favorite band for years, but must prepare themselves for a brand new sound. Raw emotion served on a platter of fierce and pummeling rock. OUTLIE performs music that actually respects the intelligence and differences of its supporters and listeners!