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press: Superplane!!!!!! The current state of affairs in the world of music is that everything requires d... more.
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Superplane has returned from over a year long hiatus with a preview of what is to come. The Anthology E.P is a record that is fueled by perpetual rock, scolding tubes, honest lyrics, and Jack Daniels. Aimed to make you boogie and never fails to rock, The Anthology E.P will shoot down any thoughts that rock and roll is dead. What you will hear: A concoction of catchy melodies, the energy of Jawbreaker, and overdriven, diving guitars reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. Plus a healthy dose of shred guitar from the days of yore. Whip all this up and you have what one listener describes as "Elliott Smith fronting The Replacements". What you will see: Four guys playing rock and roll like it’s never been played before. A raucous, sweat filled, energized show that barrels like a locomotive that won’t stop for anyone.