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location: San Antonio, TX
agent Rob
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The Y equals… This is LOUD!!! “Serenity through noise… we like our destruction- our difference. Life mirrors this… at least to us. We play what we see, hear, and feel in this world. So it isn’t always pretty or tight or tied up with a bow just waiting for you to open and understand. Or maybe we’re just knocking off with our instruments… either way this is our creation and our reflection… So we thank you for sharing in our wreckage… the Y equals.” Hailing from San Antonio, Texas- this dynamic four-piece plays its own style of LOUD relentlessly and without compromise. A band that lives to play live, the Y equals has been described as a force of nature on stage and plays with a wholeheartedness and lack of self- preservation that sets the stage for unique and memorable performances. Releasing the thought- provoking Legalize Murder EP May 2002 a mere three months after forming, the Y equals has been a band on the road, constantly performing throughout Texas and the Southwest bringing its chaotic musical philosophy to the unsuspecting. The band’s first full- length ALBERTA released in May 2003 continues to showcase the band’s original style, expand their growing fan-base, and has received growing radio play on college/ rock stations in the Central Texas. In a world of cookie- cutter manufacturing the Y equals is determined to create another organic alternative… Be on the lookout!!! The Y equals is… Derek Badillo- guitar Benjamin Drezek- guitar/ vox Dominick Hinojosa- bass/ vox Adam Kelley- drum-kit