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Kat Terran

location: Seattle, WA
label: Little Roar Records
press: ‘Kat Terran - LION & BLUE: I'm reminded (somehow) of my earliest listens to Janis Ian as I listen... more.
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As a lyrical traveler, Kat Terran is greatly influenced by genres of music that convey movement. Baroque, contemporary classical, jazz, African highlife, and the many moods of alternative music texture the complex structures of her songs. Occasionally her voice will soar into a delicate resonance, revealing a lifetime of listening to intimate choirs and the Gregorian chanting her mother saturated the house with. Kat’s Lithuanian heritage is exposed in her phrasing and harmonic choices, reminiscent of traditional folk songs. Adolescence spent emotionally surviving through the voices heard on college radio inevitably carved a calling to offer her perspective to the underground music community. Also evident in her song writing is her training as an actress. Somehow her voice and guitar appear as two separate personalities, expressive characters coordinated with grace and ease. Her songwriting style is so personal, in the same breath both deeply introspective and open.