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location: san francisco, CA
label: chameleon music
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"...emerging as one of the best new bands to hit the San Francisco music scene this year..." -- SFWeekly, March 2002 Hitting the scene as a mood-driven, melodic rock band, Peluka charts its own course. The vocals assume the role of a trusted guide, taking the audience by the hand and leading them through darkness, anxiety, joy, and relief. The tension and release, carefully crafted into each song, create an immersive sonic experience. The band, comprised of two electric guitars, violin, bass and drums, is tight-knit while revealing a cast of distinct voices, each providing an essential element of the overall sound. Depending on the feeling of the song, Peluka is sometimes hard pounding distortion and at other times soaring and dreamy. Weaving through and above the rich textures of sound are Suzanne's hauntingly beautiful violin melodies and backing vocals. Peluka's music is overloaded with emotional energy. When the songs are hopeful, they carry a hint of sadness; when they are solemn, they tease you with warmth. It is left to the audience to decide what fuels the lyrics: whether directed inward or outward, a space is opened for a deep connection between listener and performer. Over the past two years, Peluka’s music has received airplay on KSAN, KUSF, KPFA and KZSU. Their song “Mac Truck” will be used on the upcoming ABC primetime series Knock First. The band was the featured performer on 107.7 FM "The Bone" Morning Show and has made in-store appearances at Tower Records and The Music Store. Other performances include, Hard Rock Café SF, San Francisco State University, Marin Public Access TV and the Multiple Sclerosis Walk 2002 in Golden Gate Park. The band performs 1-2 times a month at San Francisco's premier rock clubs including Tongue and Groove, Pound SF, The Covered Wagon, Red Devil Lounge, Cafe du Nord, Voodoo Lounge, and enjoyed a monthly gig at the now-defunct Paradise Lounge.