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location: seattle, WA
label: global seepej records
press: "Aaron Semer is blessing Seattle with his presence before catapulting to mega-fame. One listen will... more.
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The Plains is the new project of singer/songwriter Aaron Semer. The debut album, On Earth as it is in Heaven, is a mixture of country tinged rock anthems, minimalist folk tunes and a dose of Ennio Morricone influenced spaghetti westerns. The songs are pop enough to be memorable, yet edgy enough to maintain a uniqueness uncommon in much of today┬╣s Americana. Semer takes his listener on a poignant aural journey where one is transported across the landscapes of dying rural cities and a disillusioned minimum-wage work force. One senses not sympathy, but a deeper appreciation for the working class of America, which makes the album not only a critique of modern society, but also a celebration of life. These songs sit nicely beside more personal, heartfelt outpourings. The album was recorded on 8 track reel-to-reel by John Randolph (Kinski, Hello From Waveland), mixed by Conrad Uno (Mudhoney, Posies), and mastered by Barry Corliss (Modest Mouse). Live, The Plains is a four piece band. They managed to sell out their debut CD Release show in Seattle based on word-of-mouth and a small buzz growing in the Seattle press. Their live shows have proven them an emotionally explosive and important up and coming band, mixing the energy of The Pixies with the Americana craftsmanship of Neko Case.