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bitter tongues

location: austin, TX
label: United Edge Records
agent Rob
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Bitter Tongues began in Austin,TX after the break-up of several well-established punk and hardcore bands (Blacklung Patriots, Dempsey and Tomorrow Will Be Worse.) Despite valiant efforts on their respective parts, punk rock had all but died while hardcore had turned into watered-down metal-crap. Rather than simply recycle the very tired past, the members of Bitter Tongues sought to distance themselves from their previous projects and venture where their past experience had not yet taken them. Making no claims to reinvent music it’s needlessly long list of subcategories; the songs draw influence from the more classic indie bands like Fugazi and Quicksand while injecting elements of recent acts like Failure and These Arms Are Snakes. With a live show carrying on the tradition of complete disregard for physical safety and rampant stupidity; Bitter Tongues promise to capture the attention of any audience just long enough to make them burst into tears. Bitter Tongues' latest full-length - "Clovis" - was recorded in Austin, TX with veteran Tim Gerron (Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube) at the controls. "Clovis" will see a worldwide release through United Edge Records (Comity, The Hostage Heart) on Oct. 11th, 2005.