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Our Cure the Rocketship

location: Tucson, AZ
agent Rob
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Our Cure the Rocketship is: Darren Simoes: Guitar Orin Shochat: Drums, Vocals Noah Horton: Vocals, Tambourine Bryan Moran: Bass Biography: These days music is all about genre; pop, rock, indie, hip-hop, punk, hardcore, emo, metal, and all of the other millions of pointless categories that music has been sorted into. However, it becomes difficult to classify a band that combines elements of all of the above into one single label. With influences ranging from bands like Refused to James Taylor, all the way to Pharrell of The Neptunes, Our Cure the Rocketship unites solid rhythms and powerful vocal harmonies with progressive and aggressive guitar and bass. Dubbed with the style of progressive indie-rock, many find it difficult to keep the band’s description within those parameters. In June of 2002, drummer Orin Shochat and guitarist Darren Simoes had the desire to start a band after making music together for four previous years in other various local bands. Within the month, mutual friends Bryan Moran and Noah Horton were recruited on bass and to sing respectively. Sharing the stage with a diverse variety of national touring acts such as Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Cancer Conspiracy, The Gloria Record, and The Bangs, Our Cure has captivated fans by their unique sound and intense stage presence, creating a buzz around the Tucson music scene. After recording a three-song demo at Loveland Studios in October, the band plans to do a West coast tour this summer and is continuously writing and recording more material.