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location: austin, TX
agent Rob
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A hard working punk act currently located in Austin,TX, formed in the Winter of 2000 and have been battling forward ever since. This young band is surprising more then just their parents who are thrilled that they finally moved away from home. J the nerd from Florida has no clue why he moved to Texas but is glad he did. Brad a Louisiana lab rat met up with J at a party and the pair seemed to have similar gripes. Both were tired of the laziness and the lack of unity in the scene. Setting out to find like minded individuals they soon found Jeremy who just arrived from North Carolina after his hike in the mountains. By this time songs were starting to form and Dempsey was well on it's way. One vital catalyist was needed. A drummer! Weeding drummers out was a painstaking adventure but well worth it. Chris or better known as "Bam!Bam!" was the final additive Dempsey needed. Since this union Dempsey has been playing around the Texas area rallying a rocking fan base but are planning to span out futher nationally to spread the infectious/relating jam that is Dempsey.