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Unafraid of pushing the boundaries of what is expected, baby boy h seemed to come out of nowhere, hitting the Boston music scene with a blinding force. The band is a mix of raw power and refined musicality with compelling vocals. The music forms a wall of sound, layered and textured, and displays quite openly a deep introspection for which the five members of the band are nakedly unapologetic. Formed in 2003, baby boy h has played shows all over the northeast, spreading their vision of dark optimism, shining anger and rhythmic energy. Raw, powerful, kinetic and sensual, the live act has a disturbingly addictive quality rendering baby boy h an absolute must see on the stage.

Released in September 2004 baby boy h’s debut album “the later” encapsulated the immense sound of their live shows. “the later” transcends the common ideas of what optimism and hope are while retaining a dark, mysterious force. The music and lyrics merge in and out of contradiction with each other, and as the highs are powerful, the lows are as a vacuum, creating a tension that is all but electric. Entirely self recorded and produced, “the later” has all the makings of a Boston underground classic.

Released in May of 2006 is the bands second work “the imaginary dream”. In this EP, all of the optimism of “the later” is lost and replaced with a disturbing account of sadness, anger and loss. Musically less traditional than its predecessor, the songs pound in and out of flowing melodies and fits of unparalleled power. Segues, a very important component of “the later”, become almost as songs in “the imaginary dream”. Each track tells its own story, but repeating ideas, both lyrically and musically, tie the album together as one sweeping narrative. Another self-produced work, “the imaginary dream” is a perfect example of the creative vision of baby boy h.