We've booked 6711 shows for 155 bands since 1993.
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Robert Bartleson:

at the spine
chris mcfarland

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location: charlotte, NC
label: liquilab records
press: "Charlotte's most noteworthy rock bands, such as baleen ... pack clubs as if they had national relea... more.
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I am 3. I was born in Chapel Hill, NC. Now I live in Charlotte, NC. One time, in a deserted waiting room bathed in red light, while the plastic molded to my face and the mall was closing, an intercom dangled from the wall. Blonde Redhead, Tom Waits, Brian Eno, Tricky, Tortoise ... filtered through its one-inch speaker. It felt good. It was then I decided to make a musical contribution of my own. My music and lyrics come from the subtle, profound moments of our interesting existence. I capture triggers of reality. Some are manipulated. Some are kept raw. All are used to form a soundtrack to a normal life.