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Choking Ahogo

location: Austin, TX
press: for radars and maps (2003): - Hi, I’m the Austin, Texas music scene. I am better than ... more.
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choking ahogo is stream of consciousness, images, stories about things and people who don't exist but sound a lot like you. choking ahogo is fast and slow, sloppy and tight. choking ahogo is proud of its music and ashamed for you to hear it. choking ahogo has been helped and screwed by people "in the business". choking ahogo is tongue-in-cheek, heart-on-sleeve, head-in-hands, chin-on-chest. bright-faced and red-eyed. jaded and hopelessly hopeful. choking ahogo is fiction and dreams to music, blown out of proportion true life experiences. slightly off. a car without wheels with wheels without tires with tires on fire. choking ahogo sounds a lot like you. 1996-present.