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location: Seattle, WA
label: woodson lateral records
press: theWaytheWindWhipstheWater, the debut full-length from Seattle indie-rockers The Mines is pensive an... more.
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Mines -- "The way the wind whips the water" (Woodson Lateral Records) By Bob Ham While listening to the latest release by this musically adventurous trio from Puget Sound, the words "empty pleasure" kept leaping into my mind. Not in the typical context of saying, "Although I loved this CD, I was left lacking...", but rather saying that what differentiates it from most pop stuff I'm hearing these days is the empty space you hear in each song. Instead of filling every spare minute with sound, chords are allowed to ring and resonate as well as giving the deft playing by each member a proper showcase. Although you will find some simple guitar/bass/drum pop gems on this disc, what is refreshing to hear is a group allowing themselves to use electronics and keyboards to add some actual atmosphere to a song (especially evident on the rapturous "Peach To Blue" and the nine-minute closer "The Greatest Ponyride of All Time"). Although I would not have been surprised to have found this disc released by Thrill Jockey, Seattle-label Woodson Lateral has scored quite a coup having this band on its roster. A must-have.