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(the) k word

location: Roanoke, VA
label: Liquilab records
agent Rob
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Purely uninhibited by any genre boundaries they just make music the way they want to hear it. Fortunately for The K Word it seems that other people share their vision of what good music is all about. In the winter of 2000, in a warehouse in downtown Roanoke, five musicians came together to start anew. Greg Szechenyi (bass), Adam Baber (drums), Aaron Parker (guitar/vocals), and Michael Satterfield (guitar/vocals) after their first few practices as The K Word were playing shows at local venues like Chili Pepper's. Only a month later their first EP, "American Beats" was recorded and The K Word set out on an east coast tour. Band the K word has played with include: engine down, 238, further seems forever, midtown, legends of rodeo, brandston, beloved, stretch arm strong, river city high, codeseven and zao. The K word is influenced by: engine down, sea and cake, don cab., lazycain, fugazi, aloha, and euphone.