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location: livermore, CA
label: pop smear records
agent Rob
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What happens when four talented, seasoned musicians, each possessing a pure and unadulterated love for rock of the punk variety, come together to make music? Well, my friends, then you have The Silent Film Stars, who in less than a year together have already proven that they have tremendous staying power-- just ask any of the countless Bay Area kids-turned-fans who have had the good fortune of hearing their music and catching their live shows! The Silent Film Stars officially formed in October of 2001 when guitarist/vocalist Robert Bielecki and bassist Tyler Jensen were joined by drummer Paul Baker. With a repertoire of tunes already written and ready to be performed, the three started playing shows in the area neighboring their hometown of Livermore, California almost immediately. The public response was overwhelming, and The Silent Film Stars went into the studio the next month to record a nine-song CD which they aptly titled "Promise." The music off "Promise" could generally be described as a melodic breed of punk rock laced with harmonies, but the songs also have a definite strength, intensity, and fierceness to them-- a sound which serves to separate The Silent Film Stars from other punk bands of today. Scraping together funding to get their album pressed, the band finally released their highly anticipated CD in February of 2002. Again, the response was staggering, and their music garnered comparisons to industry greats like Bad Religion, Rancid, and AFI-- and although elements of those bands can be heard in the music, the members of The Silent Film Stars draw from such a broad range of influences that to compare them only to other bands would be doing an injustice to their unique and powerful sound. In March of 2002, The Silent Film Stars played their largest show to-date, rocking out in front of a crowd of over four hundred passionate and devoted fans. It was at this moment that Robert, Tyler, and Paul knew that this was their destiny-- that the band was not just a pastime for them, but was to become a huge part of their lives from that day on. In the summer of 2002, The Silent Film Stars went back into the studio to record two impressive new songs, their growth as a band already evident. With the recent addition of fourth member Ryan Blasquez on guitar, whose incredible skill bulks up their already strong sound, The Silent Film Stars plan to head off on their first tour this winter, covering the entire western United States. The band loves playing live, and hopes that their enigmatic stage presence will continue to draw the attention of many. So only one question remains: what lies ahead for the brilliant gentlemen of The Silent Film Stars? Only time will tell... but the sky is the limit. -emily