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Conceived in a Philadelphia dorm room in 2004 and born one year later in a Connecticut basement, No Culture is the creation of singer/songwriter Fred Brewer, who began composing and recording the band’s debut album, “Like Nothing”, while studying at Temple University. Drawing from influences including Massive Attack, Placebo, Deftones, and Nine Inch Nails, Fred drafted songs blending rock and trip-hop which he later dubbed “trip-rock”. After transferring to the University of Connecticut, Fred took No Culture live and was joined on stage by Steve Holland on guitar and vocals, Adam Leon on keyboard and vocals, and Chris Mala on drums. The quartet is extremely versatile as it can deliver either volatile distortion-heavy performances or ambient acoustic acts, both of which equally convey the bittersweet nostalgia and dramatic melancholy of the music. Moody, brooding, and sardonic, No Culture draw in their audience with pop sensibility before dragging them down into dark and ambient undercurrents. At the bottom is a seamless juxtaposition of pulsing rhythms, droning guitars, and ironically cheerful keys that carry the listener up through an honest and eclectic lyrical introspection. At the surface are hushed crooning, powerful choruses, and three-part harmonies that ask anxiously about living, loving, and if either remain genuine in a realm of pixel mediums. Since its first shows in August of 2005, No Culture has received much local acclaim from show-goers and venue owners who were so kind to lend their ears to their performances. Walking off from the stage, the band could always count on a number of audience-members, sound technicians, and even venue managers waiting to share their praise. The second No Culture album, “Nombril,” is set to be released independently on March 18th. This is an up-and-coming, hard-working, audience-winning band that you don’t want to miss!