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Clarity Process

location: Portland, OR
label: Rise Records
press: REVIEWS for FLUID: AMP Magazine Finally, a band that melds classic rock with post-hardcore and doe... more.
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Portland, OR's Clarity Process has seen a quick ascent into the inner circles of the Portland music scene. The band, less than a year old, has inked a deal w/ Oregon- based label, Rise Records. They've played many of the cities biggest clubs w/ the likes of Crosstide, Jealous Sound, The Bled, Saosin, Boys Night Out and A Static Lullaby among others. Their blend of post-hardcore and more traditional rock (w/ some acoustic touch) offers a memorable mix of heavy and introspective. But this is much too simple a description for their sound. Fluid, the debut CD on Rise Records is stunning. It begins with a bang (A Lighthouse), slamming guitars and screaming emotion, into Song of the Year material (Heart In Every Bullet) and moves quickly into subtle beauty (Post-Anemia), an emotional track with the most memorable chorus you're likely to hear this year. This song represents the soundscape of their musical vision, yearning lyrics, rolling rhythms, and gorgeous guitar effects. Then the precious beauty (In the Spill & May), songs of enormous emotional depth, and the closer (Clipped Left Wing), which represents their BIG ROCK sound, and wraps an unshakeable melody within walls of guitar, unsettling rhythms, and whisper-scream vocals. The band, though young and new to the attention it's getting, has developed a monster stage presence. They are gaining fans across the musical spectrum, from emo kids, to hardcore warriors, but it's only rock and roll. And this band has earned their spot in the Portland scene by leaving their hearts on every stage, always with an intensity that must be seen to fully grasp. The bands debut full length CD is out now on Rise Records.