This website is old and outdated. We are working on fixing this. Please contact Haywire for the most current information.

Please welcome Jared See to Haywire Recording, he will be interning over the next few months!! In the past few weeks we worked on 3 EP’s including Courage, Maria’s Arcade and Robot Eyes.

Finished mixing the Martindales disc out at Nettleingham Audio & also recorded 3 songs for Southerly for a split release with The Conversation.

July brings a remote recording with Kat Lyons & Tom Lange for an egyptian healing gong CD. An extremely rare and interesting project!!

Avenue of the Strongest finished recording the other half of their 2nd album, also began work on an EP for Slackjaw, and an album for Tea For Julie (spending a large amount of time out at supernatural sound for this one)

April has Southerly from Madison WI in the studio recording an album for Dead Letter Records. Also worked on a demo for knife girl, and continued to help with the tracking for the new Martindales album.

March is just as crazy as the months before it. With the new Woke Up Falling album (for Post436 records) coming in at 200 studio hours in 3 weeks, one can imagine!! Somehow also managed to squeeze in a 6 song demo for Maria’s Arcade from Vancouver in that time frame as well…..

January and February are very busy here!! Recorded an album for Pharrah Phosphate, plus finished 2 split LP’s: the Andi Camp / We’re from Japan split and the Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish split on Deep Elm Records, also worked on a song for a Deep Elm Compilation for Desert City Soundtrack as well.

Finished mixing the slackjaw album "A Tourist In The Land of The Living." Also worked on releases for Spontaneous Woo, Superphwaa and This Is A Process Of A Still Life (from Missoula MT!!)

Finished final mastering for the Koozito project (at Nettleingham Audio), and an LP for Thirty-3 entitled "ether." One song from the Thirty-3 Session was featured in the AMP magazine sampler disc, of which some 40,000 copies were distributed!!! Haywire also installed a Pro-tools Mix 24 system with a USD sync box, so we can have pro-tools synced to analog now!! The Desert City Soundtrack LP came out amazing and is in stores now…..

Robert got to Engineer under producer Joe Ciccarelli at Kung-Fu Bakery for the Pink Martini recordings, and is starting to work on the upcoming Deep Elm Records release "Funeral Car" by Desert City Soundtrack. Also finished an LP for Bob Joyce.

Finished an LP for The Before Picture (post436 records), and an EP for Courage.

Just finished an album for Avenue of the Strongest, and an EP for Woke up Falling.

We've finished albums from Feller, Kat Terran & Worst Case Scenario. Projects in the works include Diggabone, Fake Fake, Koozito (Craig Koozer's side project ex- miss, skiploader, contraption), and a 5th album from Slackjaw. The new monitoring system is working out amazingly!!!

We just installed a brand new monitoring system: Sundholm nearfields & modified amplifier. (the same set up supernatural sound uses - so transfers between studios should go even smoother.)