Amps (Bass & Guitar)
early 70's Ampeg PORTAFLEX B-15 Bass Amp
Vox Royal Guardsman
Vintage Supro Guitar Amp
Musicman String Ray Bass Guitar
Late 60's Marshall Cabinet w/ greenbacks
1973 Marshall JMP all tube head
60's Fender Pro-Reverb Black Face Amp
Vintage Custom PA system & speakers

Mackie 24-8 mixing console
Soundcraft SPIRITFOLIO 16 Channel Mixer

Compressors & Limiters
GML 8900 Stereo Peak Limiter
UREI 1176 Compressor/Limiter
(3) DBX 160x Compressors

Effects Units
Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delay processor
Yamaha SPX900
Yamaha SPX90
Huges Sound Retrieval System

Hard Disc Recording Hardware & Software:
Digidesign Pro-tools Mix 24 system
(2) Pro-tools 888 digital / analog converter boxes
USD sync unit for pro-tools (slaving to analog, video, etc.)
Apple Macintosh G4 computer w/ dual processors
Bombfactory UREI 1176 & LA 2 plug-ins
Antares Auto-tune plug in
Antares Mic-Modeler Plug in
Waves compressor & EQ bundle

Headphones & Monitors
Parasound HCA-1000A Power Amplifier
Sundholm SL 8.0 Studio Reference Monitors
(5) Sony MDR 7506 Studio Monitor Headphones

Neumann U48 tube
(2) Neumann KM84
(2) AKG 414uls
(2) AKG 460 AKG D112
(6) Shure SM57
(4) Sennheiser 421
Beyer M260 Ribbon
Shure 55s
Various vintage Mic's

Pre-Amps & Eq's
8 Channels of API 550A EQ's
(2) NEVE Split Mic Pre/EQ
ART PRO MPA 2 Channel Mic Pro
8 Channels of API 512 b Mic Pre's (for extra fee)

Tape Machines
Panasonic SV3700 DAT
TASCAM 48-OB 1/2" 8 Track Recorder
(2) TASCAM DA88 w/ SY88 sync card
TASCAM 122 MKII Cassette
Phillips DUAL CDR
TEAC CD Player

V/T Tube DI
Audio Control SA 3050A Spectrum Analizer


All gear wired into switchcraft TT patchbays for, maximum efficiency, and low noise!