Desert City Soundtrack, Andi Camp, Woke Up Falling, The Black Eagle, Revival (featuring Jen Wood), Koozito, The Out Crowd, Spoil Sports, Contraption, Mel, Failtaker, Kayo, Pedro Luz, Mr. E, Trophy Wife, Through & Through, Suplex, Bob Joyce, Loligo, Rebecca Pearcy

Altarboy, The AstroBastards, The Reports, The Autumn Planes, Fake, The Vacant Stares, Blue, The Knockdowns

Josh Curl, Shawn Hollman, Whirlybird, Vivan, Lielythe, Slipsand, Kat Terran, Try and Step on Her, Alan Charing (now A.C. Cotton), Dwell, Brother Heathen

Manifest, Life In Overtime, Leadface, Petal, Anarchrist

The Knockdowns, Glass Candy and the shattered theatre, The Prude Boys, The Zero State, Gruesome Galore, Worst Case Scenario, Feller

The Miss, The Kremlin Bronx, Intifada, The Nocturnal project, Spot79, The Trouble with Girls

Momo, Paramore, Avenue of the Strongest, The Cow Trippers

Drew Norman, Pushover, Gruesome Galore

Mentat de Malduit (with guest appearance by Sean Roberts from 30.06), Slackjaw, Veneer

Courage, Thirty-3, Sword Seven, Love Buzz, Transmission West, TPS Report, The Before Picture, Spontaneous Woo!, This Is A Process Of A Still Life, Superpwhaa



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