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date day city state location status
02/26/2004 Thursday phoenix AZ modified arts* confirmed
02/27/2004 Friday so cal CA help
02/28/2004 Saturday ventura CA the loft* confirmed
02/29/2004 Sunday san francisco CA the make out room* confirmed
03/01/2004 Monday san francisco CA the rite spot cafe* confirmed
03/02/2004 Tuesday reno NV record street cafe* confirmed
03/03/2004 Wednesday eugene OR the tiny tavern* confirmed
03/04/2004 Thursday coos bay OR rogers zoo* confirmed
03/05/2004 Friday portland OR the ash street saloon* confirmed
03/06/2004 Saturday seattle WA hattie's hat* confirmed
03/07/2004 Sunday spokane WA the spot* confirmed
03/08/2004 Monday boise ID PI confirmed
03/09/2004 Tuesday salt lake city UT the piper down* confirmed
03/10/2004 Wednesday las vegas NV the cooler lounge* confirmed
03/11/2004 Thursday tucson AZ the red room confirmed
03/12/2004 Friday albuquerque NM atomic cantina confirmed
03/13/2004 Saturday amarillo TX the pod confirmed
06/01/2004 Tuesday tx TX help
06/02/2004 Wednesday Baton Rouge LA red star bar confirmed
06/03/2004 Thursday mobile AL mental notes records confirmed
06/04/2004 Friday columbus GA the falcon's nest confirmed
06/05/2004 Saturday valdosta GA vito's pizza confirmed
06/06/2004 Sunday durham NC ooh la latte confirmed
06/07/2004 Monday washington DC the velvet lounge (with Kyle Fischer) confirmed
06/08/2004 Tuesday philadelphia PA the fire confirmed
06/09/2004 Wednesday baltimore MD mojo (with Kyle Fischer) confirmed
06/10/2004 Thursday brooklyn NY the north six basement (with kyle fischer) confirmed
06/11/2004 Friday new york NY day off confirmed
06/12/2004 Saturday edinboro PA the edinboro hangout confirmed
06/13/2004 Sunday albany NY quintessence - CANCELLED confirmed
06/14/2004 Monday burlington ON tba pending
06/15/2004 Tuesday rochester NY the bug jar confirmed
06/16/2004 Wednesday lansing MI mac's bar confirmed
06/17/2004 Thursday des moines IA vaudeville mews confirmed
06/18/2004 Friday aberdeen SD the red rooster confirmed
06/19/2004 Saturday cedar rapids IA nexus effect confirmed
06/20/2004 Sunday minneapolis MN 400 bar confirmed
06/21/2004 Monday iowa city IA gabe's oasis confirmed
06/22/2004 Tuesday cedar rapids IA nexus effect confirmed
06/23/2004 Wednesday minneapolis MN first avenue / 7th street entry confirmed
06/24/2004 Thursday chicago IL emily's house - CANCELED confirmed
06/25/2004 Friday st louis MO lil nikki's confirmed
06/26/2004 Saturday st peters MO sally t's confirmed
06/27/2004 Sunday wichita KS kirby's beer store confirmed
06/28/2004 Monday dallas TX club dada confirmed
08/17/2004 Tuesday el paso TX help
08/18/2004 Wednesday albuquerque NM atomic cantina confirmed
08/19/2004 Thursday tucson AZ the red room confirmed
08/20/2004 Friday phoenix AZ the trunk space confirmed
08/21/2004 Saturday phoenix AZ modified arts confirmed
08/22/2004 Sunday west los angeles CA club good hurt confirmed
08/23/2004 Monday los angeles CA knitting factory alterknit lounge confirmed
08/24/2004 Tuesday las vegas NV the double down saloon* confirmed
08/25/2004 Wednesday fresno CA tokyo garden confirmed
08/26/2004 Thursday davis CA g street pub confirmed
08/27/2004 Friday reno NV zephyr confirmed
08/28/2004 Saturday fallon NV jive'n'java confirmed
08/29/2004 Sunday san francisco CA hotel utah confirmed
08/30/2004 Monday eugene OR sam bond's garage confirmed
08/31/2004 Tuesday portland OR twilight cafe' confirmed
09/01/2004 Wednesday tacoma WA jazzbones confirmed
09/02/2004 Thursday chehalis WA the matrix coffeehouse confirmed
09/03/2004 Friday spokane WA spike coffee house confirmed
09/04/2004 Saturday helena MT toadstone theatre confirmed
09/05/2004 Sunday salt lake city UT orion's music confirmed
09/05/2004 Sunday salt lake city UT LATE SHOW: egos* confirmed
09/06/2004 Monday denver CO the construct confirmed
09/07/2004 Tuesday ft collins CO the starlight confirmed
09/08/2004 Wednesday amarillo TX the pod confirmed
09/09/2004 Thursday denton TX rubber gloves confirmed
10/17/2004 Sunday odessa TX ONLY matt hopper and andrew norsworthy are playing this one** confirmed
10/17/2004 Sunday austin (with I can lick any SOB in the hoiuse) TX the long branch inn* confirmed
10/18/2004 Monday dallas TX club dada* confirmed
10/19/2004 Tuesday austin TX bigsbys (with matt & andrew) confirmed
11/10/2004 Wednesday dallas TX the red blood club confirmed
11/11/2004 Thursday st peters MO sally t's confirmed
11/12/2004 Friday cedar rapids IA nexus world theatre confirmed
11/13/2004 Saturday quincy MI blingerz confirmed
11/14/2004 Sunday chicago IL wise fools pub confirmed
11/15/2004 Monday milwaukee WI the 8th note coffeehouse confirmed
11/16/2004 Tuesday minneapolis MN 400 bar confirmed
11/17/2004 Wednesday winona MN rascals confirmed
11/18/2004 Thursday springfield MO the rockwell confirmed
11/19/2004 Friday st louis MO radio cherokee confirmed
11/20/2004 Saturday conway AR the soundstage confirmed
11/21/2004 Sunday denton TX mable peabody's chainsaw repair confirmed
02/27/2005 Sunday houston TX helios confirmed
02/28/2005 Monday baton rouge LA spanish moon confirmed
03/01/2005 Tuesday atlanta GA drunken unicorn confirmed
03/02/2005 Wednesday decatur GA jake's toadhouse confirmed
03/03/2005 Thursday gainesville FL common grounds confirmed
03/04/2005 Friday lilburn GA blue moose confirmed
03/05/2005 Saturday durham NC ooh la latte confirmed
03/06/2005 Sunday chapel hill NC local 506 confirmed
03/07/2005 Monday lexington KY Holwyn Underground confirmed
03/08/2005 Tuesday nashville TN springwater confirmed
03/09/2005 Wednesday memphis TN the complex confirmed
03/10/2005 Thursday monroe LA the paraground confirmed
03/11/2005 Friday dallas TX the door confirmed
05/20/2005 Friday austin TX help
05/21/2005 Saturday el paso TX the t lounge confirmed
05/22/2005 Sunday albuquerque NM atomic cantina confirmed
05/23/2005 Monday phoenix AZ the trunk space confirmed
05/24/2005 Tuesday tucson AZ red room* confirmed
05/25/2005 Wednesday san diego CA blind melons confirmed
05/26/2005 Thursday los angeles CA knitting factory confirmed
05/27/2005 Friday las vegas NV The Aristocrat confirmed
05/28/2005 Saturday san francisco CA tongue and groove confirmed
05/29/2005 Sunday reno NV zephyr lounge confirmed
05/30/2005 Monday Springfield OR Hollywood Taxi CANCELLED confirmed
05/31/2005 Tuesday portland OR dante's* confirmed
06/01/2005 Wednesday seattle WA the living room confirmed
06/02/2005 Thursday spokane WA fat tuesdays confirmed
06/03/2005 Friday Pocatello ID KISU Radio Interview confirmed
06/03/2005 Friday Pocatello ID The College Market confirmed
06/04/2005 Saturday salt lake city UT ego's confirmed
06/05/2005 Sunday ft collins CO the starlight confirmed
06/06/2005 Monday denver CO the cricket on the hill confirmed
06/07/2005 Tuesday amarillo TX The Pod confirmed
06/08/2005 Wednesday dallas TX help
08/19/2005 Friday houston TX southmore house (need to find locals) confirmed
08/20/2005 Saturday Baton Rouge LA red star bar + confirmed
08/21/2005 Sunday gulfport MS irish coast pub confirmed
08/22/2005 Monday Atlanta GA Swayzes confirmed
08/23/2005 Tuesday charleston SC cumberlands confirmed
08/24/2005 Wednesday charlotte NC milestones confirmed
08/25/2005 Thursday bound brook NJ hamilton st. confirmed
08/26/2005 Friday Philadelphia PA the fire confirmed
08/27/2005 Saturday brooklyn NY north six downstairs confirmed
08/28/2005 Sunday syracuse NY veg fest confirmed
08/28/2005 Sunday syracuse NY half penny (LATE SHOW) confirmed
08/29/2005 Monday boston MA abbey pub confirmed
08/30/2005 Tuesday buffalo NY merlins confirmed
08/31/2005 Wednesday lakewood OH mahall's 20 lanes confirmed
09/01/2005 Thursday Chicago IL heartland cafe confirmed
09/02/2005 Friday wi WI help
09/03/2005 Saturday minneapolis MN fallout art center confirmed
09/04/2005 Sunday rochester MN kathy's pub confirmed
09/05/2005 Monday omaha NE the meadowlark confirmed
09/06/2005 Tuesday lawrence KS replay lounge confirmed
09/07/2005 Wednesday dallas TX the homebar confirmed
02/15/2006 Wednesday austin TX red eyed fly confirmed
02/16/2006 Thursday odessa TX tba - CANCELLED confirmed
02/17/2006 Friday albuquerque NM atomic cantina confirmed
02/18/2006 Saturday santa fe NM warehouse 21 confirmed
02/19/2006 Sunday phoenix AZ modified arts confirmed
02/20/2006 Monday los angeles CA lava lounge confirmed
02/21/2006 Tuesday ventura CA billy o's confirmed
02/22/2006 Wednesday san francisco CA kimos (need to find locals) confirmed
02/23/2006 Thursday reno NV zephyr lounge confirmed
02/24/2006 Friday portland OR jasmine tree confirmed
02/25/2006 Saturday seattle WA the comet confirmed
02/26/2006 Sunday lagrande OR old town mercantile confirmed
02/27/2006 Monday boise ID terrapin station confirmed
02/28/2006 Tuesday salt lake city UT kilby court (with the appleseed cast) confirmed
03/01/2006 Wednesday denver CO benders confirmed
03/02/2006 Thursday amarillo TX the pod confirmed
03/03/2006 Friday dallas TX help
03/04/2006 Saturday austin TX help
06/13/2006 Tuesday houston TX super happy fun land confirmed
06/14/2006 Wednesday baton rouge LA spanish moon confirmed
06/15/2006 Thursday mobile AL cellblock (early show) confirmed
06/16/2006 Friday atlanta GA 11:11 teahouse confirmed
06/17/2006 Saturday charleston SC cumberlands confirmed
06/18/2006 Sunday durham NC 305 south confirmed
06/19/2006 Monday washington DC dc nine CANCELLED help
06/20/2006 Tuesday new york city NY cbgb's gallery confirmed
06/21/2006 Wednesday boston MA great scott (need locals) confirmed
06/22/2006 Thursday buffalo NY merlins confirmed
06/23/2006 Friday chicago IL south union arts confirmed
06/24/2006 Saturday madison WI corral room confirmed
06/25/2006 Sunday minneapolis MN varsity theatre confirmed
06/26/2006 Monday sioux city IA cattle club collective confirmed
06/27/2006 Tuesday st louis MO the red sea confirmed
06/28/2006 Wednesday texarkana AR the living room confirmed
06/29/2006 Thursday dallas TX club dada confirmed
06/30/2006 Friday austin default help
05/17/2007 Thursday Austin TX Trophy's confirmed
05/18/2007 Friday el paso TX lucky devil's confirmed
05/19/2007 Saturday tucson AZ nimbus brewing company confirmed
05/20/2007 Sunday phoenix NM modified arts confirmed
05/21/2007 Monday day off NM dayy off confirmed
05/22/2007 Tuesday los angeles CA roxy theatre (on the rox) confirmed
05/23/2007 Wednesday Berkeley CA blakes on telegraph confirmed
05/24/2007 Thursday Sacramento CA Blue Lamp confirmed
05/25/2007 Friday reno NV satellite lounge confirmed
05/26/2007 Saturday Portland OR the know confirmed
05/27/2007 Sunday Seattle WA Comet Tavern confirmed
05/28/2007 Monday la grande OR the gadfly confirmed
05/29/2007 Tuesday Salt lake city UT Urban Lounge confirmed
05/30/2007 Wednesday Denver CO 15th street tavern confirmed
05/31/2007 Thursday Lawrence KS help
06/01/2007 Friday Tulsa OK Mooch and burn confirmed
06/02/2007 Saturday deton TX hailey's confirmed
06/03/2007 Sunday dallas TX club dada confirmed
06/04/2007 Monday austin TX scoot inn confirmed
09/20/2007 Thursday Houston TX walters on washington confirmed
09/21/2007 Friday new orleans LA hi ho lounge confirmed
09/22/2007 Saturday mobile AL the blind mule pending
09/23/2007 Sunday Tallahasse/ Jacksonville FL help
09/24/2007 Monday Alanta GA help
09/25/2007 Tuesday Charleston SC cumberlands confirmed
09/26/2007 Wednesday durham NC MarVell Event Center confirmed
09/27/2007 Thursday baltimore MD mac's bar confirmed
09/28/2007 Friday Philadelphia PA the fire confirmed
09/29/2007 Saturday New York City NY DAY OFF* confirmed
09/30/2007 Sunday new york city NY mercury lounge confirmed
10/01/2007 Monday Boston MA tt the bears confirmed
10/02/2007 Tuesday Rochestor NY help
10/03/2007 Wednesday jonesville MI saucy dogs confirmed
10/04/2007 Thursday Chicago IL elbo room confirmed
10/05/2007 Friday lake forest IL WMXM / the chapel confirmed
10/06/2007 Saturday st paul MN station - 4 pending
10/07/2007 Sunday Omaha NE saddle creek bar (need to find locals) confirmed
10/08/2007 Monday lenexa KS jerry's bait shop confirmed
10/09/2007 Tuesday fayetteville AR the dart room confirmed
10/10/2007 Wednesday Dallas TX club dada confirmed
10/11/2007 Thursday Austin TX help
11/27/2007 Tuesday Austin TX Room 710 confirmed
02/17/2008 Sunday El Paso TX Q8 confirmed
02/18/2008 Monday Albuquerque NM atomic cantina confirmed
02/19/2008 Tuesday Phoenix AZ carly's confirmed
02/20/2008 Wednesday los angeles CA the mint confirmed
02/21/2008 Thursday long beach CA dipiazza's confirmed
02/22/2008 Friday sacramento or MID CA CA help
02/23/2008 Saturday San Francisco CA fat city confirmed
02/24/2008 Sunday Reno NV satellite confirmed
02/25/2008 Monday Portland OR white eagle confirmed
02/26/2008 Tuesday Seattle WA studio seven confirmed
02/27/2008 Wednesday Boise ID neurolux confirmed
02/28/2008 Thursday Salt Lake City UT piper down pending
02/29/2008 Friday Denver CO cricket on the hill confirmed
03/01/2008 Saturday OKC/Tulsa OK help
03/02/2008 Sunday Dallas TX lakewood bar & grill confirmed
03/04/2008 Tuesday Austin TX headhunters club confirmed
03/26/2009 Thursday houston TX bohemeo's confirmed
03/27/2009 Friday new orleans LA banks street bar confirmed
03/28/2009 Saturday mobile AL blind mule* confirmed
03/29/2009 Sunday atlanta GA DAY OFF* confirmed
03/30/2009 Monday atlanta GA Smith's Olde Bar confirmed
03/31/2009 Tuesday savannah GA wormhole bar confirmed
04/01/2009 Wednesday murfreesboro NC zakk's coffeehouse confirmed
04/02/2009 Thursday fayetteville NC the rock shop confirmed
04/03/2009 Friday Charles Town WV jumpin' java confirmed
04/04/2009 Saturday wilkes-barre PA cafe metropolis confirmed
04/05/2009 Sunday philadelphia PA the fire confirmed
04/06/2009 Monday brooklyn NY trash bar confirmed
04/07/2009 Tuesday new york NY the delancey confirmed
04/08/2009 Wednesday worcester MA lucky dog music hall confirmed
04/09/2009 Thursday boston MA regent theatre confirmed
04/10/2009 Friday albany NY bogies confirmed
04/11/2009 Saturday columbus OH dolphin lounge confirmed
04/12/2009 Sunday kent OH turnip records confirmed
04/13/2009 Monday detroit MI modern exhange confirmed
04/14/2009 Tuesday chicago IL silvies confirmed
04/15/2009 Wednesday minneapolis MN uptown bar confirmed
04/16/2009 Thursday northwood IA bargames confirmed
04/17/2009 Friday kenosha WI hattrix confirmed
04/18/2009 Saturday cedar rapids IA Paul Engle Center for the Arts confirmed
04/19/2009 Sunday MO / KS default help
04/20/2009 Monday lee's summit MO jerry's bait shop confirmed
04/21/2009 Tuesday OK default help
04/22/2009 Wednesday dallas TX lakewood bar & grill confirmed
04/23/2009 Thursday austin TX club deville* confirmed
07/12/2009 Sunday san antonio default help
07/13/2009 Monday albuquerque NM atomic cantina confirmed
07/14/2009 Tuesday tempe AZ urban campfire - need locals! confirmed
07/15/2009 Wednesday los angeles CA molly malone's confirmed
07/16/2009 Thursday san diego CA lestats confirmed
07/17/2009 Friday placerville CA cozmic cafe confirmed
07/18/2009 Saturday santa rosa CA black rose pub confirmed
07/19/2009 Sunday stockton CA blackwater cafe confirmed
07/19/2009 Sunday san francisco CA thee parkside (early show 4pm) confirmed
07/20/2009 Monday reno default help
07/21/2009 Tuesday portland OR kelly's olympian confirmed
07/22/2009 Wednesday west WA default help
07/23/2009 Thursday seattle WA el corazon confirmed
07/24/2009 Friday spokane WA art, music & more confirmed
07/25/2009 Saturday boise ID Tom Graineys confirmed
07/26/2009 Sunday boise default help
07/27/2009 Monday logan UT whysound confirmed
07/28/2009 Tuesday denver CO dulcinea's confirmed
07/29/2009 Wednesday lawrence KS bottleneck confirmed
07/30/2009 Thursday no tx default help
07/31/2009 Friday austin TX headhunters confirmed
08/01/2009 Saturday san antonio TX SWC confirmed
12/30/2009 Wednesday new york city NY lit confirmed
01/25/2010 Monday new york city NY the village lantern confirmed
08/20/2010 Friday new york NY pianos confirmed
12/28/2010 Tuesday brooklyn NY trash bar confirmed
01/24/2012 Tuesday ny / nj / md default help
01/25/2012 Wednesday richmond VA Thee Camel* confirmed
01/26/2012 Thursday durham NC the garage confirmed
01/27/2012 Friday atlanta GA the basment confirmed
01/28/2012 Saturday ga / al default help
01/29/2012 Sunday houston TX super happy fun land confirmed
01/30/2012 Monday tx default help
01/31/2012 Tuesday tx default help
02/01/2012 Wednesday Austin TX Hole In The Wall* confirmed
02/02/2012 Thursday dallas TX arnetic* confirmed
02/03/2012 Friday kansas city MO davey's uptown confirmed
02/04/2012 Saturday lombard IL brauer house confirmed
02/05/2012 Sunday IN / MI / KY / OH / PA help
02/06/2012 Monday cleveland OH wilberts pending
02/07/2012 Tuesday rochester NY bugjar confirmed
02/08/2012 Wednesday asbury park NJ the saint confirmed
02/09/2012 Thursday brooklyn NY rock shop* confirmed
08/21/2012 Tuesday NYC NY the rock shop* confirmed
08/22/2012 Wednesday philadelphia PA the grape room confirmed
08/23/2012 Thursday arlington VA Iota confirmed
08/24/2012 Friday chapel hill NC the cave confirmed
08/25/2012 Saturday NC default help
08/26/2012 Sunday GA default help
08/27/2012 Monday jacksonville FL jack rabbits confirmed
08/28/2012 Tuesday AL default help
08/29/2012 Wednesday little rock AR juanitas confirmed
08/30/2012 Thursday AR default help
08/31/2012 Friday Dallas TX bryan st tavern* confirmed
09/01/2012 Saturday austin TX Longbranch Inn* confirmed
09/02/2012 Sunday DAY OFF default confirmed
09/03/2012 Monday DAY OFF default confirmed
09/04/2012 Tuesday el paso TX the percolator confirmed
09/05/2012 Wednesday nm default help
09/06/2012 Thursday Tucson AZ Plush confirmed
09/07/2012 Friday santa monica CA Trip confirmed
09/08/2012 Saturday so cal default help
09/09/2012 Sunday oakland CA disco volante confirmed
09/10/2012 Monday no cal default help
09/11/2012 Tuesday reno NV jub jubs thirst parlor* confirmed
09/12/2012 Wednesday DAY OFF default help
09/13/2012 Thursday seattle WA Slims Last Chance Saloon* confirmed
09/14/2012 Friday portland OR blue monk* confirmed
09/15/2012 Saturday OR / WA help
09/16/2012 Sunday portland OR dantes* confirmed
09/17/2012 Monday boise ID shredders* confirmed
09/18/2012 Tuesday salt lake city UT The Heavy Metal Shop (5pm in store)* confirmed
09/18/2012 Tuesday salt lake city UT burts tiki lounge (LATE SHOW) * confirmed
09/19/2012 Wednesday fort collins CO Surfside 7* confirmed
09/20/2012 Thursday Denver CO 3 Kings Tavern* confirmed
09/21/2012 Friday sioux falls SD Latitude 44 confirmed
09/22/2012 Saturday IL / IN / IA help
09/23/2012 Sunday chicago IL grace street tap confirmed
09/24/2012 Monday columbus OH bernies confirmed
09/25/2012 Tuesday west PA / cleveland / upstate NY default help
09/26/2012 Wednesday albany NY Pauly's Hotel confirmed
09/27/2012 Thursday cambridge MA all asia confirmed
09/28/2012 Friday new haven CT green well* confirmed