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THE AMAZOMBIES, THE HOLLOWPOINTS, THE SHEMPS, CHASED AND SMASHED (Zak's) A friend recently passed along These Bands Are Coming to Eat Seattle, a great punk compilation featuring Mea Culpa, the Hollowpoints, and the Amazombies. Since putting it on, I can't get one song out of my head: the Hollowpoints' "P.O.W.," a super-catchy call-and-response-chorus antiwar song about refusing to die for your country. If you're into the newer pop-anthem punk that still has a spine (à la the Distillers), the Hollowpoints' politically aware stance makes their hook-laced music that much better. The Amazombies have signed to Go-Kart Records, and have a new album coming out soon. The trio includes two female singers who manage to sound gritty and sweet in the course of one speedy song, while their Y-chromosome counterpart balances the act with a hearty, grizzled-sounding voice. If you hit this show, be sure not to miss out-of-towners the Shemps, an excellently wild, Sonics-loving garage-rock act from New York. You can feel the sweat droplets still steaming on t!heir vinyl; they remind me of the Cheater Slicks--just as wild, only much less intoxicated. You'd have to be nailed to your seat not to jump around to these guys, and I'm really excited to see what comes along with their live show. JENNIFER MAERZ