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location: portland, OR
label: rise records
press: RISE RECORDS: Finally, Everyday Victory drops their amazing full length. Over 3 years in the making... more.
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Everyday Victory proves that honest songwriting is still the blood that pumps the heart of rock and roll. They've outgrown their punk/garage origins into something more sophisticated and smooth. Though sometimes similar in style to Alkaline Trio or Jimmy Eat World, Everyday Victory found a way to hold on to that flavor that made Thin Lizzy rock and Springsteen roll. Everyday Victory's music develops an atmosphere that is drastically dynamic but presented with streamline efficiency and simplicity. Like a good recliner, it gets more comfortable every time you sink into it. Their songs glide along a wave of energy reaching energized guitar heavy highs, while maintaining rich, intriguing lows in both arrangement and sound. The lyrics address conflicts, and find resolutions, without pretension and in the voice of everyday people. Oceans and Airplanes is the band's first full length release. It represents the contrast and versatility that makes this band stand out. Each song establishes it's own mood, it's own color, and draws the listener through a storyboard of sound. Using subtle instrument experimentation and vocal harmonies to enhance the solid guitar, bass, drum foundation, Oceans and Airplanes offers a truly unique musical variety. Oceans and Airplanes was produced, recorded and engineered by Everyday Victory at their own Camp Fargo Studios (Portland OR) and in cooperation with Jake Portrait at Fusion Studios (Portland OR).